Job market seminars

The ESA is pleased to announce the continuation of our annual seminar series for junior candidates who will be on the job market in the 2022/23 cycle.

The series is open to all Ph.D. candidates and Postdocs doing research in experimental economics who are going on the job market this year. Note that presenting your job market paper is not required. If it is not quite ready, feel free to present something that you are comfortable with, just like you would if you were attending a conference this fall.

We plan to begin the seminar series by the end of October. Sessions will be organized with two speakers per session. Each speaker will present for about 20 minutes and will be followed by a senior discussant.

Candidates should fill in this survey to register their interest. The deadline for submitting an expression of interest is September 26th, 2022

This year's organising commitee is Mariana Blanco (chair), Tracy Xiao Liu, Friederike Mengel,  Laura Razzolini,  Maros Servatka, Theodore Turocy, and Ro'i Zultan.