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IACM 2015 Call for Conference Submissions

Description: We are excited to announce the 28th Annual Conference of the IACM (International Association for Conflict Management) will take place from 28 June to 1 July 2015 at the Hilton Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA. Please join us for a resort-style conference on one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States.
IACM was founded to encourage scholars and practitioners to develop and disseminate theory, research, and experience that is useful for understanding and improving conflict management in family, organizational, societal, and international settings. The conference will present new and unpublished negotiation and conflict management work.
To view the call for submissions go to:

I look forward to seeing you at the IACM 2015 Conference!
Cynthia Wang
2015 IACM Program Chair

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Global Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Conference (GIBA 2014)

Description: Welcome to the official website of the Global Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Conference (GIBA 2014), which will be held during May 15-18, 2014, in city of Clearwater Beach, Tampa, Florida, USA. GIBA 2014 aims to bring together researchers, scientists, scholar and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of Business and Economics, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.This conference is organized and sponsored by University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee,USA.Please visit the website.
The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in these topics and related areas. English is the official language of the conference.We welcome paper submissions.

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Deadline: February 24,2014

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ESA at ASSA Chicago (January 2012)

Description: Cocktail Party for ESA Members and Friends

Jan 07, 2012 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Hyatt Regency, Gold Coast
Economic Science Association

(Light snacks, cash bar)

Jan 06, 2012 10:15 am, Hyatt Regency, Atlanta
Economic Science Association

Stochastic Choice under Risk: Economic and Psychological Views (D8)

Presiding: Nathaniel Wilcox (Chapman College)

Using Decision Field theory to Account for the Stochastic as Well as the Dynamic Properties of Choice under Risk

Jerome Busemeyer (Indiana University)

Stochastic Choice Models and Realistic Decision Processes

Graham Loomes (University of Warwick, UK)

An Empirical Evaluation of Two Stochastic Choice Models

Michael Birnbaum (California State University-Fullerton)

A Comparison of Several Models of Stochastic Binary Choice under Risk

Nathaniel Wilcox (Chapman University)

Jan 06, 2012 2:30 pm, Hyatt Regency, Atlanta
Economic Science Association

Communication, Conscience, and Efficiency (C7)

Presiding: Gary Charness (University of California-Santa Barbara)

Coordination and Credible Leadership

David Cooper (Florida State University)

John Hamman (Carnegie Mellon University)

Roberto Weber (Carnegie Mellon University)

The Effect of Communication on Contract Type and Performance

Jordi Brandts (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

Gary Charness (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Matthew Ellman (Institut d’Anàlisi Econòmica)

Conscience Accounting

Uri Gneezy (University of California-San Diego)

Alex Imas (University of California-San Diego)

Chat, Continuous Time, and Public Goods

Gary Charness (University of California-Santa Barbara)

Dan Friedman (University of California-Santa Cruz)

Ryan Oprea (University of British Columbia)

Jan 07, 2012 10:15 am, Hyatt Regency, Skyway 260
History of Economics Society/Economic Science Association

Reflecting on Twenty-Five Years of the Economic Science Association (B2)

Presiding: Harro Maas (University of Utrecht)

Historical Perspective on ESA's First Quarter Century

Andrej Svorencik (University of Utrecht)

The Prologue to ESA from Today's Perspective

John Kagel (Ohio State University)

Structural Changes to ESA in 1995-1997: The Journal and International Meetings

Thomas Palfrey (California Institute of Technology)

Making ESA International

Martin Weber (University of Mannheim)


Vernon Smith (Chapman University)

Steven Medema (University of Colorado-Denver)

Jan 07, 2012 12:30 pm, Hyatt Regency, Hong Kong
Economic Science Association

Market Dynamics (D4)

Presiding: Ryan Oprea (University of British Columbia)

The Nature of Excess: Using Randomized Treatments to Investigate Price Dynamics

Michael Price (University of Tennessee)

Marshall and Walras: The Dynamics of Equilibration in the Continuous Double Auction Market

Charles Plott (Caltech)

A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach to Asset Pricing Experiments

John Duffy (University of Pittsburgh)

Sean Crockett (Baruch College, CUNY)

Market Dynamics and Strategic Dynamics

Ryan Oprea (University of British Columbia)

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Second Sydney Winter School on Experimental Economics, 18 to 22 July 2011

Description: The School of Economics at The University of Sydney is pleased to announce a five-day winter school on advanced topics in experimental economics.

Two leading international experimental economists will participate in the winter school as teaching faculty. They are Professor Simon Gächter (University of Nottingham) and Professor Graham Loomes (University of Warwick).

The winter school will comprise four days of intensive coursework and laboratory sessions. On a fifth day, there will be a research symposium in which participants will have the opportunity to present results of their own research. The symposium will also include a poster session, in which participants will be able to present more preliminary work, including work at a design stage.

The winter school is intended primarily for PhD students from the Australasian region, however applications from early-career postdoctoral researchers and applicants from other parts of the world will also be considered should places be available. It is expected that all participants will either already be using experimental economics methods in their research, or intending to apply these methods to investigate aspects of their current research interests.

The deadline for applications is 5 pm, 16 May 2011 (Sydney time). To be considered for a place in the winter school, applicants must BOTH a) complete the application form online at the winter school homepage, and b) email a copy of their current CV to sydneywinterschool (at) gmail (dot) com.

Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance not later than 1 June 2011. It is expected that those who are accepted will participate in the entire winter school – it is not possible to apply to attend only a part of it.

There will be no registration fee for the winter school. However the organisers regret that we are unable to provide any financial support for participants’ travel to or accommodation in Sydney.

For further information, and to submit an application, please visit the winter school homepage at:

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Deadline: Application Deadline: 2011-05-16

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12th Trento Summer School Intensive course in Evolution of Social Preferences

Description: Program Directors: Axel Leijonhufvud, UCLA and University of Trento and Enrico Zaninotto, CIFREM, University of Trento

Co-Directors of the School:
Dan Friedman, Santa Cruz University CA
Luigi Mittone, University of Trento

Guest Lecturers:
Luigi Bonatti (University of Trento)
Sam Bowles, Santa Fe Institute and University of Siena
Rosaria Conte, ISTC-CNR, Rome
Simon Gaechter, University of Nottingham
Werner Gueth, Max Planck Institute, Jena. – honorary lecturer
Ugo Pagano, University of Siena
J. Peter Richerson, University of California Davis

Human choices are driven not just by direct material self-interest, but also by moral sentiments such as guilt and shame, love and respect, and by the urge to help friends and to punish miscreants. Such sentiments give traction to group norms, or moral codes---our shared understanding of proper behavior. Revealed social preferences arise from the interaction of moral sentiments and group norms.

It is crucial to understand social preferences because they undergird the institutions that have always shaped our world, from ancient tribal gatherings, through classic city-states, down to our modern market, political and legal systems.

The 2011 Trento Summer School will trace the coevolution of moral sentiments, group norms and social institutions. Drawing on recent insights from biology, evolutionary psychology, moral philosophy, neuroscience and anthropology as well as experimental economics and institutional economics, the summer school lecturers will trace how

- biological evolution shaped our capacities for moral sentiments,
- cultural evolution gives content to other-regarding preferences, and
- institutions and norms co-evolve; and will note many implications for the modern world.
A core set of lectures will be given by the course’s directors Dan Friedman Santa Cruz University CA and Luigi Mittone (University of Trento) and by Werner Gueth, Max Planck Institute, Jena. In addition there will be lectures from a variety of guests. Our hope is to bring many different perspectives to bear and to engage the participants in a critical discussion of these alternative perspectives.

In addition to overview lectures in the mornings, the school will feature intensive seminar-style discussions in the afternoons of participants’ research. Applicants therefore need to include statements about their current or projected research, along with relevant research papers, if any.

The Trento Summer Schools are intended for advanced graduate students and post-doctoral scholars. The ideal candidates for the School are students from many different backgrounds. People interested in participating in the Summer School are encouraged to apply by submitting a curriculum vitae, a two-page essay describing their interest in evolution of social preferences, a course transcript from their PhD program, including advanced examinations passed, two letters of recommendation, and statements about their current or projected research, along with relevant research papers, if any.

Applications are due by 29 April 2011. Persons interested in participating in the Summer School should follow the application procedure.

Admissions decisions will be announced by 9 May 2011. All applicants will be informed by e-mail about the results.

The sessions will be held at Hotel Villa Madruzzo, Trento, Italy,. All participants are required to stay for the entire duration of the event. Food and accommodation will be covered by the School (except for meals during the weekend) and participants will have to cover travel expenses.

Please direct logistical questions to the Summer School secretary (

This is the 12th of a series of intensive courses to be offered by the Computable and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CEEL) with the financial support of John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, an Athens-based Foundation supporting public benefit activities in Greece and abroad:

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