ESA timeline

1986: The Economic Science Association (ESA) was founded at a meeting at the Westward Look resort in Tucson, Arizona.

1997: The ESA became fully international in 1997, with subsequent annual meetings alternating between Europe (every third year) and North America.

1998: The first issue of Experimental Economics was published.

2001: The ESA's permanent Web site was launched.

2002: Our founding president, Vernon Smith, won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his pioneering work in experimental economics. He shared the prize with Danny Kahneman, a psychologist who has done important experimental research on decision theory.

2009: Nobel Prize for Elinor Ostrom

2012: Nobel Prize for Al Roth

The following have served as presidents of the Economic Science Association.

1986-1987: Vernon Smith
1987-1988: Charlie Plott
1988-1989: Ray Battalio
1989-1991: Elizabeth Hoffman
1991-1993: Charles Holt
1993-1995: Robert Forsythe
1995-1997: Thomas Palfrey
1997-1999: James Cox
1999-2001: Andrew Schotter
2001-2003: Colin Camerer
2003-2005: Ernst Fehr
2005-2007: John Kagel
2007-2009: James Andreoni
2009-2011: Tim Cason
2011-2013: Al Roth
2013-2015: Jacob Goeree
2015-2017: Yan Chen
2017-2019: Catherine Eckel
2019-2021: Dan Friedman
2021-2023: Marie-Claire Villeval
2023-2025: Charles Noussair